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iOS 17 development and timeline

Every year, Apple begins updating its various open-source repositories with references to forthcoming iOS, macOS, and watchOS updates. This year is no different, with Apple adding references to iOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS 14. Oftentimes, Apple will refer to future versions as “TBA” to hide their actual version numbers, but sometimes references slip through the cracks.

Unsurprisingly, these open-source repositories do not confirm anything about what to expect from this year’s updates.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac has seen a sharp uptick in iOS 17 usage in our Google Analytics data since the beginning of December, which regularly happens around this time of year. The increase at the beginning of the new year signals that the number of people inside Apple who are testing iOS 17 is increasing.

iOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, iPadOS 17, and tvOS 17 are set to be announced at WWDC in June and released in September and October. This year, the updates will also reportedly be accompanied by the launch of Apple’s Reality Pro headset, which will introduce a completely new operating system to Apple’s lineup.

Apple hasn’t yet announced the dates for WWDC. We also don’t know if the conference will be a hybrid in-person and virtual event like last year, or perhaps a return to a completely in-person event.

Here’s a recap of when Apple has announced WWDC over the last few years:

  • 2016: April 18
  • 2017: February 16
  • 2018: March 13
  • 2019: March 14
  • 2020: March 13
  • 2021: March 30
  • 2022: April 5

Beware of this bogus iOS 17 rumor

Because of Apple’s focus on the Reality Pro headset and its software, Bloomberg has reported that iOS 17 will feature “fewer major changes than originally planned.” The same will also reportedly apply for iPadOS 17 and macOS 14, which Gurman says is code-named “Sunburst.”

Separately, a bogus iOS 17 rumor (that we won’t even bother linking to) is making the rounds this week. The rumor comes from a Twitter account that is known to troll and make up false information. Nonetheless, the fake rumors have been picked up by a number of different other news outlets.

The rumor suggests Apple has “major changes” in store for the Home app, updates to the “navigation” of the Music app, and more. But again, these claims hold no weight.

What’s on your iOS 17 wishlist this year? Are you hoping for some surprises, or do you think Apple is right to focus on the Reality Pro headset instead? Let us know down in the comments.

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